Friday, January 27, 2017

The Greatest Miracle by Benny Hinn #BOOKREViEW

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I am 54 and to be honest I have seen many miracles in my lifetime. I remember my Dad gathering our family around the table with the news that my mom had ovarian cancer. You can image how how that would be to hear as a child. The good news is Daddy taught us all to pray and the doctor came back with a good report! Another miracle happened the day my mother came home from the doctor in 1962 with the news that they were going to schedule her to have the baby removed as I had died. My parents had a friend Joel Darby who had his church pray for them when they went back to the doctor the evidence after testing came back.. You are going to have a normal baby. Once I went to a church.. and the pastor did a neat thing he said I want all of you to stand who have had a near death situation where you should have died, then he did if you had a sickness you were healed from he went through his list and at the end everyone was standing! God still works miracles today and I believe it! But the greatest miracle of all Benny Hinn shares in the book The Greatest Miracle - This is a wonderful Book! You will love it to order yours go to  

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